Semillas de Las Abuelas

About the Book

Semillas de las Abuelas is a foundational resource book filled with songs, rhymes, recipes, stories and ideas for rituals and rhythms passed down to us by our Abuelas and other ancestors. This book is for new parents and for those already grounded in family life with a desire to integrate these practices and traditions into your own homes to create connections to the earth, to our families and to our culture. This book aims to inspire creative growth and deepen our intentions! The four collaborators on this project - Renee, Marlha, Carolina, and Cristina -- are women of Mexican descent rooted in culture, history and social consciousness. We are mothers, educators, artists and social justice advocates. We hope this book will serve as a practical collection of approaches to pass on the wisdom of our Abuelas to the future generations.

Celebrating Our Culture

Our book celebrates the traditions, customs and stories of our ancestors, who are mostly of Mexican and/or American indigenous ancestry. We acknowledge the ways in which colonization and white supremacy sought to erase or otherwise suppress our ancestral ways of living and knowing. Thus, this book is born out of a desperate need to intentionally reclaim and celebrate our culture. In a world so often centered in the white Anglo-American experience this book works to resist those oppressive representations. We do this by highlighting the beauty and importance of the wisdom of our ancestors as a way to resist erasure, oppression and ultimately set us on a path of liberation. We must tell our stories, write them down, ensure their place in history, and secure them for the future generations.

Who This Book is For?

Though we recognize the historical, geographical, sociopolitical, and cultural differences among the peoples from the different countries of the Americas marked by Spanish colonization, we also recognize the similarities in our traditions and customs, with other Latinx or indigenous ancestries. Thus, our book is meant to serve as a template for those looking to bring earth based rhythms into your families from a cultural perspective. We also acknowledge those families who might have been disconnected from their culture for one reason or another, and we hope this book can help to reconnect you with your roots so that you might be able to pass them on to your children.

Book in Process

We are currently working on the manuscript for this book, continuing to articulate our vision, our voice, and our values as writers and creators. That being said, we each have taken on this project as a labor of love hoping it will serve our communities, but also create financial sustainability in the long term. We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon and hope to be able to gather the resources we need to bring this project to fruition.